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Each vintage will reflect a unique photograph of Ernest Hemingway.


Exceptional wine made from the finest grapes in the Napa Valley.


We're only producing a limited production of each vintage. 

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We are dedicated to creating amazing wines formed from hand picked grapes from the finest wine region in North America, Napa Valley.  We have handled each product carefully from stem to bottle in order to deliver a wine that will become as legendary as its namesake.
Ernest Hemingway was an amazing man. He enjoyed the best of what life had to offer. He loved and cherished his many hobbies; one of which was that of enjoying a nice glass of wine. We look forward to continuing the legacy of Hemingway with this great wine. 

Our passionate staff is comprised of men and women with decades of experience formulating award winning wines from all over the world.


With limited production of our wines it allows extra care and time to create the perfect finished product.

        2015 NAPA VALLEY            CABERNET SAUVIGNON
         "CHAPTER ONE"

This Cabernet comes from the picturesque Napa Valley. The vines are carefully pruned to optimize the quality of the fruit. With the perfect balance of warm, dry days and cool nights, the vineyards produces small concentrated berries. Rich in classic Cabernet aroma and flavor.

Retail Price $110.00

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    2016 Russian River 

           Pinot Noir

This Pinot Noir is a harmonious blend of Nick Leras' River Block and Derbes Vineyard in the Russian Valley of Sonoma County. The vineyards are located about 2 miles west of the town of Fulton in the heart of the Russian River Valley Appellation. The characteristically cool climate brought on by the ocean breezes and maritime fog is ideal for slow even ripening and mature Pinot Noir aroma and Flavor.

Retail Price $64.00

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Our Chardonnay comes from Dutton Ranch in Russian River Valley of Sonoma County. It is located about 2 miles west of the town of Fulton in the heart of Russian River Valley Appellation. The characteristically cool climate brought on ideal for slow even ripening of rich aromatic Chardonnay.

Retail Price $58.00

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"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut."


Ernest Miller Hemingway (July 21, 1899 - July 2, 1961) was born in Oak Park, Illinois. A recipient of the Nobel Prize (1954) as well as the Pulitzer Prize (1953), Hemingway was a legend of his time and forged his legacy for future generations to come. He began his literary career as a writer for multitude of newspapers before heading to the European front in World War I. After recuperating from injuries from WWI, he began publishing his first stories while working for the Toronto Star. Soon after marrying his first wife he moved to Paris, France where he met many great artists including, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound and Pablo Picasso. 

After meeting his second wife, Hemingway signed a publishing contract in Paris that was the springboard to future success. He spent much of his free time traveling to Africa for big game hunting, bull fighting in Spain and fishing in Florida.

While working as a correspondent in the Spanish Civil War, he met his 3rd wife, Martha Gellhorn who was also serving as a foreign correspondent. During this time Hemingway gathered material for his Novel For Whom the Bells Toll, which would eventually be nominated for the Pulitzer Prize.

As remarkable as his literary works was the life of this icon. He created a legacy as a traveler, an adventurer, a fisherman and at times the life of the party. His life experiences are almost as incredible as the stories he told. He has left an indelible mark on his followers that has lasted generations and will inspire many generations to come.

Hemingway is as well known for his parties as he is for his writings. He is the original most interesting man in the world.

Hemingway is well known for being a world record holding fisherman. Fishing was one his favorite pass times and he spent much of his adult life fishing in the waters around Cuba and Key West aboard

his boat "Pilar". His love for fishing is evident in his last major work of fiction, "The Old Man and the Sea". This depiction of an aging fisherman, named Santiago, who struggles with a giant marlin won him a Pulitzer Prize in 1953 and led to the Nobel committee to award him the Nobel Prize the following year. 

Ernest was an American novelist, short story writer, and journalist. His economical and understated style had a strong influence on 20th-century fiction, while his life of adventure and his public image influenced later generations. 

Hemingway loved his numerous adventures. He began his first adventure in World War 1 (1918) as an ambulance driver on the European front where he was injured and spent six months in the hospital recovering.

In 1921, he married his first wife and they moved to Paris, France. This was the first adventure of a man who spent the rest of his life traveling the world gaining a perspective of many cultures and world events that were later transformed into some of his greatest literary pieces.

Hemingway spent time in Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe and North America. During his travels he became a world renowned hunter, fisherman as well as a foreign correspondent. 

Hemingway is well known for his relationship with many foreign dignitaries including the Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro. Ernest spent much of his adult life staying at his home in Cuba and also creating bonds with the most noteworthy celebrities throughout the world. 

"Wine & friends are a great blend."

© All images of Ernest used on this website are from the Hemingway Family Library.


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