To a virtual pairing hosted by
Ernest Hemingway Vineyards.

Your hosts for the night include:
Owner / Founder of Ernest Hemingway Vineyards -
Daryn Pastuf

World Renowned Wine Maker - 
Tom Montgomery

Ernest Hemingway Vineyards In-House Chef - 
John McDevitt

Virtual Tasting Event: February 27, 2021

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Daryn Pastuf, Owner / Founder

Daryn's family has been engaged in the wine industry since the 1960’s in Napa and Sonoma Counties. 

In 2005, Daryn looked to establish his own legacy in the wine industry and established his first brand Carte Blanc Vineyards. Carte Blanc became a great success using the formula of seeking out the best grapes and hiring proven and award winning wine makers to create affordable ultra premium wines that are a work of art. 

In 2019, Daryn opened his first tasting room in Paso Robles named for the legendary writer Ernest Hemingway. The collaboration between the Pastuf Family and the Hemingway’s has been monumentally successful in the first few years and will undoubtedly become as legendary as the writer himself.

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Tom Montgomery, Head Wine Maker

Tom Montgomery has been making wine in Sonoma and Napa County for over 35 years. He started his career as an apprentice to Aaron Mosley. He became the winemaker at Conn Creek Winery in Rutherford, Napa "Anthology." Tom also worked for B.R Cohn in Glen Ellen and Vine Cliff in Oakville. He is currently the winemaker at Fresno State University where he teaches young aspiring students from around the world the art of wine making.


John McDevitt, Head Chef

John grew up on the Jersey Shore, when he moved out to California in his teens, looking for that “Sunshine Daydream”, he found a truly inspirational landscape, one that would continue to call him back. There he picked up the nuances of not only California living, but also the amazing amount of fresh ingredients at his disposal there. This planted the seed for the future in which he would build a career in the Culinary world, working his way to eventual ownership of his own restaurant.

In the late 90’s John took the step to professional Chef by attending the Restaurant School of Philadelphia.Chef John became known for his first restaurant, The High Street Grill (2004-2014). Find him now under Central Coast Cuisine, and at Ernest Hemingway Vineyards Winery, where he resides as Head Chef for their Wine Menu Pairings and weekend specials, including hie famous Wood Fired Pizza.

Wine Toast

See how we prepare our steaks & how we pair our favorites.

Suggested Pairings

Suggested Pairings